We Have Great Chemistry But Now It Feels Like He Pulls Away

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Dating can be hard for people in 2018. You finally meet someone who you are very attracted to and the chemistry seems perfect. Yet after a few dates, something is changing; we have great chemistry but now it feels like he pulls away .. What is happening?

There is a principle in psychology called Occam’s razor, which means that sometimes the simplest answer is the right one. Think about if you have changed in any way first before running all the bad scenarios in your head.

What can happen in the start of a relationship is a woman may be somewhat cautious about being too comfortable right away and the man may put himself out there immediately, sometimes almost to the point of coming on too strong. As both of you are spending more time together and the dates are getting better and better, a number of things could have changed in the process on your end.

First the bad scenarios, a woman may think the worst, he has lost interest, he is seeing someone else or the worst feeling, he changed since we had sex.

If nothing has changed from the communication standpoint (frequency of calls and text) or the time you spend together, then it is probably not a change in feelings or interest.

Once you have seen someone for a bit of time, the reality of the seriousness of the relationship may be setting in and it is time to have a talk about how you both feel. This can produce some pressure which could also cause the pushback.

We all have a tendency to overact at times to a negative change in a relationship or what we perceive to be a negative change. This may result in trying too hard to fix the perceived issue and the result is a pushback. If you are starting to argue or question each other, then it may be time to hit the reset button.

From a physical standpoint, we may become more needy and clingy, which goes back to the simplest answer, we have changed.

Along those same lines, have you changed how you feel about intimacy? Or maybe you’re not paying as close attention to your appearance as when you first met? Remember, men like women, want respect and any change could be perceived as a sign of disrespect or not as interested.

While there is not a one size fits all answer to your question, we all need to realize that starting a new relationship is exciting but does require work.

The most important things to remember are if he still gives you the same amount of time, then you can rule out loss of interest. If you are overreacting or becoming needy then just back off a little. If a man feels you are losing interest and he cares, he will step up.

The odds are you just need to have clear conversations about how you feel. Stay on course and just make the times you spend with each other fun. Always be open with each other!

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