Valentine’s Day on a Budget

How to Treat Yourself on Valentine’s Day When You’re Single

Valentine’s Day is a time for people to treat their loved ones, to tell them how they feel, and to find the best way to express their emotions. When you’re single, however, it can also be a day that brings on sadness, loneliness, or depression. You may feel judged by others for the lifestyle you’re leading, or you might just be in a place where being single makes the most sense for you but can still be overwhelming. If you’ve recently had a relationship end, Valentine’s Day can be especially difficult, as you’ll likely encounter couples everywhere you look.

Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be that way. There are plenty of things you can do to enjoy the day when you’re single, and you don’t have to take out a loan to do them. In fact, finding activities that you can do by yourself and making a point to enjoy them will help boost your self-esteem and keep you looking forward, and there are many ways you can save money while doing them.

Read on for some great tips on how to enjoy this Valentine’s Day when you’re single.

Treat Yourself

Buying a few new things for yourself is a great way to feel good; whether you want some new clothes or a chic set of dishes, it can boost your self-esteem to go shopping and focus on your needs. It doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg, either; you can use a Target coupon code to get a percentage off of all the things in your cart. Also, keep an eye out for sales, as retailers typically mark items down on Valentine’s Day, so do some research!


If you have technology in your life that could use an update, it’s time to invest in an upgrade. From your laptop to the appliances around your home, think about the items that are more than five years old and how well they’re working for you now. In many cases, tech becomes outdated in just a few years, so making an effort now to get the latest and best version will make your life much easier. Do some comparison shopping online for the best deal, and make sure you read the fine print — especially where the warranty is concerned.

Get Creative

Tapping into your creative side is a wonderful way to reduce stress and anxiety, and it can be done on the cheap if you know where to start. Whether you want to learn how to paint, take a dance class, or start writing that script you’ve had in your head for months, now is the time to get it out! For those activities that require supplies, look online for deals at art supply stores, or head to the local big-box retailer for beginner’s tools. Remember to stay patient with yourself as you learn; the more you do it, the better you’ll become.

Create the Perfect Evening

The “perfect evening” can mean many different things to different people, so think about what would make you the happiest. Sitting down with a good book and a box of chocolates? Hitting a good movie and then stopping for dinner at your favorite restaurant? Whatever will make you feel the most relaxed and happy, go for it. Often, putting together the perfect evening doesn’t have to cost a penny, especially if you already have everything you need at home.

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to come with a feeling of dread. With some excellent planning and a little research, you can find great ways to enjoy yourself without breaking your budget — and you may wind up finding a fun new hobby in the process. Remember to stay patient and relaxed as much as possible in order to make the day a happy one. If you find it hard to enjoy Valentine’s Day and want someone to talk to, please contact us for a free discovery session with our relationship experts. We’d love to hear from you and help you move forward!

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