Lesson On Accountability And Compromise In Relationships

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Many times, we suffer in two different ways. Either: We do not hold ourselves responsible for situations WE create or we hold ourselves responsible to a damaging fault, constantly blaming ourselves for situations we, in fact, did NOT create. So perhaps a lesson on accountability and compromise in relationships.

Often, we have difficulty practicing discernment when it comes to matters of the well-being of the heart. In my life, I’ve learned something greater than the issue of loving myself more than I love others. I’ve learned that I am WORTHY of the love, understanding, support, and care that I ask for and give to others. It is my responsibility to hold myself accountable for the situations I get into. It is also my responsibility to recognize my successes, even when the chips are down.

We all, at some point, have ignored the red flags set off by someone who is not good for us. In many cases, more than once. Sometimes, we have to make a mental checklist.

What are some things you:

Will tolerate?
Will compromise on?
Will not tolerate at all?

We have to hold ourselves accountable when it comes to the things we choose to tolerate. It is a given that we, as human beings, are far from perfect. In the dating world, some people have standards that can be virtually unattainable by anyone. We are all works in progress (should we choose to be) and we have to allow each other room to grow in relationships, even friendships.

What is a fair compromise? On what terms do we meet our partners in the middle in order to accommodate both of our happiness? We have to be willing to make reasonable sacrifices to grow within and build our relationships. You have EVERY RIGHT to NOT tolerate certain behaviors and situations in dating and otherwise. We all have a divine human right to protect our energy, save our time, and keep a peaceful space. You have EVERY RIGHT to say NO to certain behaviors and situations that impede on our energy, time and space.

As we run through these questions in our heads, we learn that this is what accountability means. We build for ourselves a system of checks and balances that keep us responsible to ourselves when dealing with other people in almost any situation. How is this person, profession, or opportunity of an asset to my vision and myself? How does this person, profession, or opportunity assist me on my quest for knowledge of self and the world in which I must operate?

Sometimes it even helps to write it down! We have the power to keep ourselves in check in regards to creating the fulfilling lives we deserve. We are responsible for our own happiness, success, and well-being. It is your responsibility to surround yourself with people who appreciate your light. We can all shine together perhaps with a little lesson on accountability and compromise in relationships.

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