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This healing kit gives you an opportunity to honor yourself, to acknowledge and process the grief following the loss of a relationship.

We’ve created a suggested process that includes journaling, affirmations, community, and celebration (and, of course, fire!) all through a gently guided process with relevant supporting elements beautifully packaged into a gift box.
Individuals are encouraged to personalize the suggested process to feel repaired, restored, and ready to rock their power!


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How It Works

With the Rise Up After A Break Up healing kit, you can:

  • Reflect on the relationship that has ended
  • Affirm your sense of self and desire to move forward
  • Journal as a way to identify your emotions, choices, tangles, opportunities and the gifts you received from the relationship
  • Burn cleansing sage with your collected journal writings
  • Prepare for your next happiness by offering up wishes and rooting your intentions
  • Share and celebrate with your besties and closest friends!

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What’s Inside

  • The Boyfriend Bonfire Book –

    Your bite-sized guided journal offers a suggested practice where you get to tell your story, in your words, and in your own understanding of it. The book is designed to help sort through your emotions, discover your truth about the relationship, and set yourself free.

  • Stationary Paper (20 sheets) –

    It’s important to write yourself a letter acknowledging the gifts you gave yourself in the relationship. And, since laptops and mobile phones don’t burn well, we include this stationary paper to help fuel your fire.

  • Flying Wish Paper (5 sheet packet) –

    Write your hopes and dreams on this unique paper, light it up, and watch as it lifts to the sky. We include extra papers so you can share this fun experience with your best supporters and friends.

  • Affirmation Wristband –

    This band is meant to be temporary, just like the emotions you’re going through regarding your ended relationship. A special affirmation is printed on the inside of the wristband to inspire you to move forward and onto your own path.

  • Dried Sage –

    This powerful herb has long been used in rituals to clear negative energies and restore self-esteem. It also adds a wonderful scent to your bonfire.

  • Seed Paper (1 sheet)

    Isn’t it time to plant some seeds? Simply write the 3 attributes you want in your next relationship on the seed paper, plant it, and watch it bloom into beautiful wildflowers.

  • Matches –

    Because this is what helps ignite the spark. Your bonfire is the culmination of this journey of releasing, restoring and rising up!

  • 1hr Explanatory session –

    Explore the power of a Rise Up After a Break Up healing kit with a Wekaw coach. Our coach will explain how to unlock the power of the healing kit including the purpose of each element in it and how to customize the suggested practice to make your healing process a powerful and experience.

  • ADD 1hr Coaching Session for $199 –

    Have a relationship coaching session with Wekaw coaches for $199 including this healing kit.

    ** You can add the session in the checkout page.

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