He Just Went Silent On Me For No Reason

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We all have heard the dating stories of people meeting, things seem to be going great. Then poof! One person just disappears. There are even trendy names for this including ghosting and submarining. But it does seem to be happening more to women, so if it happened to you, don’t fret, you’re not alone. If you are thinking he just went silent on me for no reason, there are several things you can do.

Firstly, if you feel you need closure or just want to know what happened, then try reaching out. Most men will usually give you a reason, which may or may not be truthful. It may be something that is really not related to you, which may bring you a little comfort. If it’s something like an ex returning to his life or he was hiding something, then it was for the best and you need to remember that there are plenty of other fish in the sea. But if he does not respond at all, then you can write him off and try to not worry that he just went silent on me for no reason.

Secondly, and maybe most importantly, is to remember that you did NOTHING wrong and like falling off a horse, get up, brush yourself off and move on.

Lastly, remember, we live in a world of social media where there is always someone to relate to. If you are not feeling good and feel you need to talk to someone, there are many relationship experts who can definitely help. Talk to a professional relationship expert and share your story will not only help you get it out but also give you clarity and useful relationship advice.

The hardest part of this is to try to not be angry or beat yourself up over it! Being hurt is not easy and time will be the only thing that truly heals.

When you do decide you want to try again for a new relationship, there are many ways to meet quality people and lots of dating apps but for some, a professional matchmaker is really something to consider. In today’s world, many of these professionals are certified and have a very high success rate.

Another thing that people are having great success with is to use a dating coach for advice when you are meeting new people. If you have been single for a long time or are entering the dating world after a long relationship, you may be out of practice. Sometimes we think we have all the answers, but we don’t, and reaching out for professional advice and help can be a good way to avoid future frustration and speed up the dating process when needed.

The most important thing to always focus on is that you are a great person, and if you work at it in the right way, you will find another great person. Sometimes it just takes a little time and patience. Dating can be scary and frustrating, but the best things in life are not always easy to get. So try to get out of your mind that he just went silent on me for no reason and think better days are definitely coming your way!

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