Luci Ferrari

Life Coach

  • Phone Coaching: $50/hr
  • Video Coaching: $70/hr
  • In Person Coaching: $100/hr
  • English
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You are worthy of the love you effortlessly give to others during every step you take towards building a better you. There is no, “I’ll love myself when…”. It is, “I love myself right NOW and ALWAYS.”

Relationship Blogger, Radio show host, Mentor.

Reinventing yourself after the ending of any relationship takes time, patience and tons of self-care. Guiding people back to their own passions brings me the ultimate joy as a coach. In your passions, you will find the tools you need to build a better you.

Blog Articles by Luci Ferrari

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Valentine’s Day on a Budget

How to Treat Yourself on Valentine's Day When You're Single Valentine’s Day is a time for people to treat their loved ones, to tell them how they feel, and to find the best way to express their emotions. When you’re single, however, it can also be a day that brings [...]

  • The top 5 signs that show he definitely likes you

The Top 5 Signs That Show He Definitely Likes You

Sometimes, you meet someone you are really into, but how do you know if he feels the same or if he just wants to be friends? Here are the top 5 signs that show he definitely likes you. How he acts around you Sometimes, body language says more than words. [...]