Kristin Urbanus

Life Coach

  • Phone Coaching: $85/hr
  • Video Coaching: $90/hr
  • In Person Coaching: $120/hr
  • English
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I believe that when we have the support and resources we need, there is nothing that can stop us in creating a deeply fulfilling and abundant life.

Kristin helps people create a stronger relationship with themselves, thus allowing them to have more fulfilling relationships, career, and have a greater overall sense of health, happiness, and well-being. With a background as a yoga teacher, she helps people connect to their values and guides clients to see situations from multiple angles in order to create a fulfilling life, and holds them accountable for goals they seek to achieve.

Blog Articles by Kristin Urbanus

  • Wishing we had chased a dream

Wishing We Had Chased A Dream

Many of us spend our entire lives wishing we had chased a dream that had been incubating in us since birth. We are constantly, surrounded at every corner, in a society that works to breed nothing but drones and worker ants. Too often, the most talented of us play it [...]

  • Design life according to personal values

Design Life According To Personal Values

The topic of values is one of my favorite topics.  This is because, as a transformational life coach, across the board I see that to the degree that our values are present in our lives, we feel more fulfilled, at peace, energized, able to manage life’s challenges, and willing to [...]