Kristin Urbanus

Life Coach

  • Phone Coaching: $85/hr
  • Video Coaching: $90/hr
  • In Person Coaching: $120/hr
  • English
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I believe that when we have the support and resources we need, there is nothing that can stop us in creating a deeply fulfilling and abundant life.

Kristin helps people create a stronger relationship with themselves, thus allowing them to have more fulfilling relationships, career, and have a greater overall sense of health, happiness, and well-being. With a background as a yoga teacher, she helps people connect to their values and guides clients to see situations from multiple angles in order to create a fulfilling life, and holds them accountable for goals they seek to achieve.

Blog Articles by Kristin Urbanus

  • The root cause of suffering may be within yourself

The Root Cause Of Suffering May Be Within Yourself

Sometimes, it is difficult to admit to yourself that the root cause of suffering may be within yourself. A lot of pain and stress I've been dealing with in my life has been self-inflicted.  I lack forgiveness because I don't forgive myself. I lack empathy because I don't have empathy [...]

  • Wishing we had chased a dream

Wishing We Had Chased A Dream

Many of us spend our entire lives wishing we had chased a dream that had been incubating in us since birth. We are constantly, surrounded at every corner, in a society that works to breed nothing but drones and worker ants. Too often, the most talented of us play it [...]